Welcome to my homepage! I am a postdoc working in the Extragalactic Research Group at the Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge

I study the evolution of galaxies, focussing on the complex interplay between galaxy dynamics and stellar population properties.

My Research

Below you can find a selection of my current research projects.

Supermassive black-hole quenching

The GA-NIFS Survey provides spatially resolved spectroscopy with unprecedented spatial resolution and quality for redshift z=3, when the Universe was only 2 billion years old. I use this information to study the physical properties of the gas and of the stars in a massive, recently quenched galaxy, finding unequivocable evidence for ongoing feedback from its central supermassive black hole.

Resolved stellar populations 7 Gyr ago

The LEGA-C Survey provides extraordinary quality spectroscopy of galaxies at redshift z=1. I use the chemical and age information encoded in stellar absorption spectra to show that chemical enrichment is regulated by the depth of a galaxy potential well.

Resolved Hα dynamics of low-mass galaxies

Low-mass galaxies are of paramount importance to understanding galaxy evolution, as they are the building blocks of larger galaxies. However a number of observational challenges makes it difficult to study the dynamics of large samples. The SHADE Survey is the largest integral field spectroscopy survey dedicated to dwarf galaxies. The first paper, discussing the link between stellar mass and kinematics is Barat et al. (2020)



With almost 800 hours of NIRCam and NIRSpec time, the JWST Advanced Deep Extragalactic Survey is largest JWST deep survey of galaxies to date.


Resolving galaxies from Cosmic Dawn to Cosmic Noon


The largest deep spectroscopy survey of galaxies when the Universe was half its age.

Clic here for a list of publications by the LEGA-C team.

The MAGPI Survey

The largest adaptive-optics integral field spectroscopy galaxy survey.

Clic here for a list of publications by the MAGPI team.

The SAMI Galaxy Survey

A large integral field spectroscopy survey of local galaxies.

Clic here for a list of publications by the SAMI team, and here for all publications using SAMI data.

CV & Publications


Francesco D'Eugenio
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